• Lisa Parker

Adventures Of A Wedding Videographer #1

Hello one and all! My name is Lisa Parker and I'm currently on a journey. This journey that has taken me from working 9-5, to having the freedom and courage to pursue a passion.

It all started about six years ago. My daughter was getting married and we were rushing (running late) from our house to the venue. At the last minute, on my way out the door, I picked up my home video camera. Up until that moment, I hadn't given a wedding video any thought at all. When we arrived at the venue, I handed it off to a friend and said "just get what you can". This friend took the task seriously, filming all she could and handing the camera off to another while she served food.

Well, a couple weeks passed and I decided to look at the footage. I had lots of great raw footage, but didn't know a thing about editing. Over the next few weeks I learned little by little. The more I learned, the more excited I grew about presenting this to my daughter and son in law. I'll never forget showing my finished product to my daughter and watching the tears flow down her face. My very first video, as bad as it was, brought her pure joy that I'll never forget.

Come along with me in 2021 as I continue to grow and learn in this business. I'm so excited to get this year started!


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